We often find one of the biggest problems our clients deal with is getting more qualified leads to their website.

In this day and age, it’s much simpler to drive traffic to websites via paid and organic methods. The problem with that is you don’t necessarily know if the new users to the website are a good fit for your brand. You could have thousands of new visitors per month, but if a fractional amount of them are actually qualified to become great-fit clients or customers, it really doesn’t amount to much.

There are a plenty of ways to draw more targeted visitors to your website, however that can take serious time. So, one of our favorite things to do is a quick audit of current website traffic, and build in some self-qualifying hurdles for visitors.

The good news is that you can do it too… in just 17 minutes.


5 Things to Check:


1. Advertising Copy (5 minutes)

A lot of ad campaigns are hastily setup to get results, or only had one phase of research. This is a problem that will absolutely kill your returns on ad spend.

Spend 5 minutes looking through 1 campaign aimed at 1 segment of your business, around 1 pain point. What you find may surprise you.

Are you actually speaking to one main pain point in your ad copy? Is it speaking to the specific person you are thinking should buy? Make sure.



2. Message Match (3 minutes)

Now someone has seen your resonating ad copy and heads to your landing page. (Hopefully you are sending people to a landing page, not just a service line page on your site)

When your new visitor arrives, does the headline they read first match the question or pain point they clicked for in the first place? Seriously!

This is SO common a problem with our clients, it’s amazing how quickly they see conversion rates rise due to this one small, vital point.



3. Calls to Action (3 minutes)

The ad or organic listing has been clicked, the page they land on immediately addresses their issues right now….does the call to action make sense?

Many times an issue is brought up beautifully and the landing page speaks right to a solution that makes sense and then the call to action doesn’t match.

Let’s look at two examples:

Example 1

  • Ad Copy “Get 20,000 miles more on your tires”
  • Landing Page Copy “Buy tires that get you 20,000 miles further”
  • Call To Action: “Call to schedule maintenance today”

Example 2

  • Ad Copy “Get 20,000 miles more on your tires”
  • Landing Page Copy “Buy tires that get you 20,000 miles further”
  • Call To Action:“Call to schedule your extended wear new tire install”



4. Differentiator (3 minutes)

Ok, it’s time to close this sale down. The person has confidence because you have spoken in a way that matches their need, but now they need to check to make sure you are the best option for them.

If you don’t have someplace to explicitly speak to how you are a cut-above the competition, you risk losing them completely.

Because they are going to shop around. Guaranteed.

So what better way to kill that last objection than to flat out tell people how you are different than your direct competitors, or at least the industry in general.



5. Follow-Up (3 minutes)

Are you following up with clients? If someone jumps ship for some reason you should being doing something to ask why.

  • You could set up some re-marketing ads so they see you again tomorrow.
  • You could send an email to ask how you can help them finish their purchase.
  • You could call and offer to customize the service or product offering.

Just don’t leave it as a lost sale. There is SO much money in the follow-up. Amazon makes a mint just on following up with cart abandonment with all three of the above tactics.


Anyone of these areas of your online sales funnel can severely stunt the conversion percentage. Take a few minutes to check just one and change it for the better.

If you are feeling brave do one each day (5 things, 5 workdays).

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