Are you stressed about spending time and money so your brand can take advantage of this busy shopping season?

Do you want to take advantage of the spending frenzy that takes place on Black Friday in nearly every Walmart, Kohls, Target, Best Buy and Old Navy in the country?<

Just skip it this year.

There is more opportunity for businesses on the Monday after than they can handle. According to, the largest single sales day of the year is on Cyber Monday, not Black Friday.


There are a lot more people willing to buy online than fight the crowds. While you may be one of the brave souls willing to get up at 4 am to find that super special deal, statistics continue to show that convenience wins in commerce!

That means there are just bigger volumes of people looking to pull out their credit cards. You have the opportunity to gain the attention of significantly more people than just a storefront can provide.

So you may say  “I also have a website to sell products from. Why would I pick Monday vs Friday to focus on?”


The traditional approach is to pay attention to Black Friday sales and campaigns. There is good reason to still participate due to just the sheer number of people shopping.

What you have on Monday though is fewer brands competing with you for the same customer’s attention.

Often businesses have burned through their best ideas, resources and budgets to go all out on Black Friday. That means their is a bit of blue ocean available as they say. More room to sail your boat on the water.


So if there are more customers, spending more money, with fewer competitors, then that means more sales for you! Not only are you getting more sales the day of the madness, if you are smart then you are building a long term relationships for future purchases.

At the end of the day the numbers lay out a pretty compelling case for spending time preparing for both Friday and Monday, but if you have to pick one then we recommend going cyber!


Here’s a few tips on how to crush it this year.
Split Testing

How do you know what message on your landing page or ad is going to get the best results? Pick out the best 2 messages and split test them. See which ad is converting better and make that one your winner. There are several great tools to help you with this including and

Message Match

If you’re posting ads on multiple channels, don’t throw people to your homepage. If you have the best Pecan Coffee and I click the ad because I want 20% off, don’t take me to your homepage to see all your products. Take me to the Pecan Coffee product THEN upsell me after I’ve added that to my cart!

Targeted Groups

By using a sniper approach, pick out your 2 best customer groups and create engaging messages that matter to them. How are you going to help them the most or what is the biggest issue you’re solving with your product or service? Let them know care about them specifically.

We love working with passionate brands and guiding their business growth. What is your strategy for the shopping season?

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