Partnering with a creative web agency to amplify your online efforts is a great move. It can help you get more traffic, bring in more leads, increase brand awareness and even close more sales and deals.

But not all agencies are created equal.

In fact, if you want to reap all these amazing benefits, you first need to ensure you’re hiring the right agency to back you up. More specifically, you need to make sure the agency you choose boasts the right team members – experts who can help guide you along and lead your brand to success.

What the Ideal Team Looks Like

The more experts an agency has on staff, the more knowledge and experience you have to pull from. That means more successful campaigns, better functioning websites and more effective marketing efforts on the whole.

But to really help your brand see success on the web, a creative web agency really only needs these five experts:

Project manager – In order to make sure you get the service you need, a project manager is absolutely crucial. They act as your liaison between the agency and your in-house team members, and they’ll ensure your project is getting the attention it deserves. They’ll answer your questions, keep you appraised of updates, and be your go-to person when it comes to your project. On the other side, they’ll also be the person keeping tabs on the agency team, making sure they’re completing the necessary tasks and line items to move your project toward success. With a project manager’s help, your project will be completed correctly, on time and successfully.

SEO & digital marketing consultant – In this day and age, you can’t make a single online move without considering search engine optimization. It should be a factor in your web’s design, your online marketing efforts, your social media campaigns, and just about everything you do. Because of this, having an SEO & digital marketing expert on your agency’s team is vital. They’ll map out the appropriate keywords for your efforts, they’ll work to increase your exposure, and they’ll ensure that every step you take puts your site in front of more eyes and more viable customers. With an SEO & digital marketing consultant’s help, your project will increase your exposure, bring in more leads and improve your sales.

Copywriter – Whether you need all new website content, a brochure or just a couple of ads, a copywriting expert is still a necessary ally to have. Why? Because messaging is crucial. It’s what positions your efforts, your site and your brand in the marketplace and it’s what gets customers to feel connected with your company. With the right messaging, you’ll bring in more leads, build more trust and create brand ambassadors. With the wrong messaging, you could turn away potential customers forever. A copywriter is crucial to getting your online messaging just right.
Designer – Even if you’re not getting a brand new website or overhauling your old one, a designer is still an integral part of any creative web agency’s team. They’ll manage the overall aesthetics of your entire project and ensure they’re appealing, exciting and that they frame your brand in the right light. They can help with big tasks, like site redesigns or re-branding projects, or they can assist with little tasks, like online ads and banners, imagery for your blog posts and social media, or just email marketing campaigns. No matter how small though, a designer ensures your brand always looks its best in the public eye.

Developer – While a developer is definitely a necessity if you’re going to be launching a new site or redesigning your old one, they’re also a crucial part of managing your online efforts in general. They can help you build out awesome email campaigns, they can add new functions and features on your site, and they can also troubleshoot problems and correct any issues left behind by your last web team. They’re also vital to ensuring your SEO efforts are successful. By reducing 404 errors, simplifying your URL structure and building out meta tags, they can help you get to the top of search engine rankings in no time. In short, a developer can give your site the foundation it needs to succeed.

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Brad Parnell
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Brad is the Founder & CEO of Steadfast Creative, leading the team in exploring new ways to solve creative problems and bringing direction and vision for the company. His passion is building relationships, providing solutions and empowering his team to send new ideas out into the world. With over 10 years of agency experience serving local and national brands, he is focused on results for his clients and team. Outside of  work, Brad serves on the board of directors at his local Chamber of Commerce and loves giving back to the community and spending time with his wife and kids.