Online marketing isn’t always cut and dry. In fact, most people who attempt it are just shooting in the dark. Whether it’s with SEO, blogging, PPC, email marketing, landing page creation or more, the majority of website owners simply try something and cross their fingers that it works.

Sometimes, they’ll get lucky and hit the jackpot, but the truth is most people will find themselves disappointed, and they just won’t get the results and sales they were hoping for.
Fortunately, there’s a more precise, scientific way of online marketing: A/B testing.

Through A/B testing, you’re able to monitor the performance of multiple variations of your efforts. So, let’s say you have a “Download a free eBook” button on your homepage. With an A/B testing tool, you could allow that button, as well as another variation of it, to be shown equally to visitors who come to your site. In the end, 50 percent would see the “Download a free eBook” button, and the others would see a new button you create – maybe one in a different color or with new messaging.

After a short testing period, you’d be able to evaluate the results, and see which variation of your button resonated with visitors most. Then, you can take that more effective button, and keep tweaking, editing and A/B testing until you find a variation that delivers the clicks, views and results you want from your site.

But A/B testing isn’t just for homepage buttons. It can also be used just about anywhere on your website. Some of the best places to use it include:
• Calls to action
CTAs are areas on your site where you request names, emails or other information from visitors, or you ask the user to complete some other action – like request a free website review, download a free eBook or email your sales team. Using A/B testing can help you perfect your CTAs, and find the most effective design, layout and messaging e– so you can get the best possible results.
• Emails
Newsletters, email marketing campaigns and even just sales announcements and mailing list updates can benefit greatly from A/B testing. It can help you determine what type of subject line gets the most opens, what content and links get the most clicks, and what email designs best inspire action.
• Landing pages
Landing pages are a great way to bring in and cultivate qualified leads using your website. They only work, however, if they meet your visitor’s needs, provide information or guidance they’re looking for, and have an effective, impactful message that truly speaks to them. A/B testing can help ensure your landing pages do just that.

In the end, if you’re doing online marketing and you’re not using A/B testing to perfect your methods, then you’re just wasting valuable time, money and effort. If you want the most effective marketing strategies possible, ones that bring you in new customers, sales and revenues daily, then A/B testing is an absolute must.

Not sure where to start with A/B testing? We can help.

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