So What’s Branding?

Aside from sales revenue (you know, to keep the lights on and stuff), your brand is the lifeblood of your company.

It’s so much more than a logo, or a color scheme, or a witty slogan.

Your brand is how prospects and customers experience your company — what they think of you, the ways they engage with you, and how they feel about you. And those aren’t always easy things to control.

Our #1 Priority

At Steadfast, branding is everything to us. It’s what we love to do, and why we call ourselves branding strategists. We’re more than artists and writers and account service pros. We focus on building brands for our clients:

  • Brands that people recognize and remember
  • Brands that people want to engage with
  • Brands that people trust and respect
  • And of course, brands that people want to purchase products and services from.

Whether it’s through your website, your social media, your emails, your signage…every “customer touch” should create a positive brand experience. And that’s what we’re here to do for you.

Our Branding Services

These services are designed to help create a memorable, foundational brand for our clients:


What It Is: We perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitors — both direct and indirect — and compile the information for you. It’s a “deep dive” into the challenges that you face in your market, taking into consideration your size, location, product/service offering(s), local/regional/national/global competitors (both offline and online), and much more.

Why You Need It: The best marketing programs understand much more than “the playing field.” To create truly strategic and targeted marketing campaigns, you need to know all the players (and their strengths and weaknesses), the schedule (important selling seasons), the fanbase (the universe of prospects and customers), and any other detail that might give you an advantage in this all-important game.


What It Is: More than a fancy word for “lots of research,” this is the process we use to understand your current brand — or the brand that your company needs to build. We’ll spend time with you, getting to know what makes you special and unique and worthy of becoming your customer’s #1 choice.

Why You Need It: With all of this research at our disposal, we’ll be able to create a brand for you — one that resonates with your customers and prospects, your industry, the community at large, and anyone who comes into contact with your company.




What It Is: We use stylescapes (sometimes called “mood boards”) during Brand Discovery as well as general marketing campaign creation. By creating a board – or even a whole wall – of images and words that relate to your company, we can set the mood for people who look at it.

Why You Need It: A style scape can make anyone who views it experience specific feelings, and that’s a crucial step for us when creating a brand or marketing campaign. Keeping in mind how we want someone to feel when they interact with your brand, we can then develop creative work that does just that.


Brand Identity for High Street Homes – Created by Steadfast



What It Is: It’s amazing how much power visual elements can have in marketing. But just like in the art world, it’s all about the details. Whether it’s a unique font or reader-friendly text size or a deep navy blue color, these elements all contribute to the overall brand. We’ll work with you to create a highly specific guide to using these elements in support of your brand.

Why You Need It: A company that wants to convey that they’re a strong, powerful leader in the metals industry wouldn’t use a swirly cursive font with a soft yellow logo. Nor would a company that manufactures baby crib bedding want their brand identity to use a logo featuring steel rivets and a robotic-looking font. Choosing the right typography and color (and all other visual elements) is essential in creating an effective, customized brand.


Brand Identity for the Murray Group – Created by Steadfast



What It Is: Developing a set of brand standards ensures that anyone creating marketing materials for your company (even if it’s — Heaven Forbid — not us!) will maintain a consistent “look and feel” throughout. Together, we’ll develop your Brand Guide that delineates these standards and explains why they’re crucial to your brand.

Why You Need It: Once you’ve established your brand, maintaining it requires consistent use of your brand standards throughout any and all marketing efforts.This consistency will enable your customers and prospects to begin connecting your marketing efforts to your company.


What It Is: When we say that your brand needs to be utilized throughout everything you do at your company, we mean it! Everything down to your business cards and letterhead stationery should be on-brand.

Why You Need It: Continued brand consistency (some would call it “brand maintenance”) ensures that prospects and customers recognize your brand as yours. If you got a letter with a SWOOSH logo, you’d likely be able to identify it as coming from one of the top sneaker companies in the world. That same recognition is what you want!