Brand Identity, Web Design

Rolland Safe & Lock

The Challenge

Rolland Safe & Lock has been serving large brands for over 100 years with excellent customer service, top quality safes and on-demand support services. Their rich history and long-term client relationships have helped them soar above their competition. With the company’s rapid growth, the goal was to boost their online experience and brand perception to keep up in fast changing online landscape, and to better resonate with their target audience.

Our Approach

We worked closely with Rolland, conducting initial research to understand the history and success of the brand, who their best customers are, and determine their most profitable products and services.

With a re-brand, we wanted to make sure the tone of all the copy and the entire web experience on desktop and mobile reflected their client-focused culture. We put attention on their target customers and created an enjoyable user experience that speaks directly to the users needs; specifically the need to include a space for case studies, and easy access for the user to contact Rolland.

Rolland Safe and Lock was not a re-brand; it was a brand evolution. We were able to reference the old, while moving the brand forward to the new, not dismissing the establishment of over 100 years of history, but pulling it forward and launching it into the future.


With a rich company background, we wanted to keep important elements of the old brand while giving it a refreshed look and feel.

Since our new website has launched, we have seen an increase in both traffic and leads generated through the website. Thanks to the Steadfast team, we now have a website we are proud to send our clients to. - Saile Estrada, Marketing Director

Web Design

Through our target persona research, we were able to understand the customer needs and what their ideal journey through the site should look like. With this knowledge, we constructed an information architecture and wireframed a user path that lead to the constructions of a solution that guides their customers through their products and solutions.

Two specific addition to note, we also integrated an intuitive back-end management system, and an elegant multi-site international platform for users to toggle between the Mexico and America websites. The backend system is useful for them to intuitively update products and services and create marketing landing pages for lead generation and the multi-site solution provides online access for all of their customers.


Scope of Work

  • Discovery & Strategy
    • Baseline Evaluation
    • Research
    • Branding Strategy
    • Production Planning
  • Interface Design
    • Information Architecture
    • User Flow Mapping
    • Content Strategy
    • Wireframes and prototyping
    • UI Kits and pattern libraries
    • Visual Design
    • Responsive Design
  • Branding
    • Branding Strategy
    • Visual Identity and assets
    • Tagline Development
  • Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Landing Page Development
  • Communications Services
    • Messaging, Voice and Tone
    • Internal Company Materials
    • Content Strategy Production
  • Development Solutions
    • Custom WordPress CMS Install
    • Front-End Development