Brand Identity, Web Design

Solo Stove

The Challenge

With an already successful lifestyle brand, Solo Stove wanted to update their brand identity, tagline and website without causing any confusion in the marketplace. The goal was to build a stronger sense of trust with existing customers and have a more appealing and engaging experience to new customers.

Our Approach

We took an in-depth look at their current brand and without diverting too far from what was already established, we built on top of the successful foundation that was in place. After conducting stake-holder interviews and understanding the buyers journey and customer persona, we set out to create a strong updated brand identity and a high experience high conversion eCommerce website.

Once you know your customer's needs, cut through the small talk, and hit them between the eyes with exactly what they're looking for.


SoloStove had an identifiable mark that didn’t need an overhaul, however we were able to refine the brand by updating the typography and color selections, re-drawing a flame and additionally creating a family of supporting icons that they could use to tell their story better. It was also important to craft a short compelling tag-line that we user tested before we took live.

Email Marketing Campaign

With a focus on building a strong community Solo Stove offered recipes and give-aways to new customers. To read the full story and see all the pieces we developed, read our post on brand marketing with Amazon.


Web Design

With a mobile first approach, Solo Stove’s new site has beautiful animations, full experiential photography and integration with a powerful eCommerce back-end where they can keep track of inventory and make sales. 


Scope of Work

  • Discovery & Strategy
    • Baseline Evaluation
    • Research
    • Branding Strategy
    • Persona Development
    • Production Planning
  • Interface Design
    • Information Architecture
    • User Flow Mapping
    • Content Strategy
    • Wireframes and prototyping
    • UI Kits and pattern libraries
    • Visual Design
    • Responsive Design
  • Branding
    • Branding Strategy
    • Visual Identity Icons and assets
    • Tag Line Creation
  • Marketing
    • Conversion Focused Email Marketing
    • Landing Page Funnels
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Digital Sales Funnel Development
  • Communications Services
    • Messaging, Voice and Tone
    • Content Strategy Production
  • Development Solutions
    • Custom BigCommerce install
    • Front-End Development
    • Email Marketing Integration