Branding, Web Design

Texas Chili Company

The Challenge

With a branding system that hadn’t been touched in 50 years, home-grown website and packaging that started getting lost with fast moving competitors – Texas Chili saw the need for an updated, relevant brand and online presence.

Our Approach

Understanding the rich history of this fast growing company, our goal was to disrupt the chili marketplace and create a memorable brand.

By creating radio ads played in national ballparks, decking out food stations in stadiums and honing in on a strong brand voice for Texas Chili, the brand saw an immediate rise in brand loyalty, product visibility and increased partnerships that helped drive sales.

A key factor in honing into the strong brand voice, was the new tagline written to speak to this recognizable brand confidence - “Chili so good, they named a state after it”


This vintage mark got a complete overhaul, and our team took the dated logo and turned it on its axis, creating a brand that referenced a branding iron, to establish the connection between the product and its source. Since everything is bigger in Texas, we couldn’t settle for a simple treatment for the new logo. We wanted to create a memorable mark that would have several complementary icons that could work across multiple applications.


Looking at all the competitors packaging, we knew we needed something bold that could hold it’s own on the coveted shelf space. The new packaging screams tradition and Texas and has been performing significantly better with visibility and sales.

“Steadfast has helped bring our brand into the 21st century. Being in business for over 6 decades, we were in desperate need of a refresh and Steadfast delivered.” - GARRET FLYNT, OWNER

ecommerce website design

With the new brand and voice in the marketplace, you can now visit Texas Chili online to get the same great product shipped directly to you. We wanted the same experience you have looking at the bold packaging to be captured on the online experience.

The website is fully integrated to take orders, manage inventory and fulfill orders where the client has full access to the growth of his online business.


Scope of Work

  • Discovery & Strategy
    • Baseline Evaluation
    • Research
    • Branding Strategy
    • Production Planning
  • Interface Design
    • Information Architecture
    • User Flow Mapping
    • Content Strategy
    • Wireframes and prototyping
    • UI Kits and pattern libraries
    • Visual Design
    • Responsive Design
  • Branding & Packaging
    • Branding Strategy
    • Visual Identity and assets
    • Custom Badge Designs
    • Full Package Designs
  • Marketing
    • Radio Script
    • Voice Talent Selection
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Paid Media Management
  • Communications Services
    • Messaging, Voice and Tone
    • Content Strategy Production
  • Development Solutions
    • Custom WordPress CMS Install
    • E-Commerce integration
    • Front-End Development