When we first sat down with the Operation Billing duo, they told us about their company, North Texas Surgical Assistants (NTSA). They primarily placed surgical assistants, but had begun seeing massive success in the billing side of their industry. They came to us to name and brand their billing service as a separate company, and grow it into a national resource for surgical assistants specifically, and medical professionals in general.

During the branding process we decided to stick with a wordmark, to align with their current NTSA logo. We created our own customized typeface based on Tungsten, that incorporated angles and cuts that referenced the sharp nature of surgery, making the mark appear strong and masculine with a sturdy san serif, thick stroke weight, and customized terminals. The name itself, Operation Billing, is a play on the surgical nature of the company and a strategy or goal oriented task.

Operation: Billing. It can be taken two different ways. Billing is their operation, and they also set up billing for operations.




For optimization purposes and user flow it was necessary in the Operation Billing site to depart from NTSA’s single-page system, and split the site into subpages. Because the site is not very big, this allowed more flow for the user to experience the site, and allowed our team to write more in-depth content without the page length getting unnecessarily long.

Outside of sitemapping, the site design utilizes breadcrumb elements in the navigation, a variating three-column grid structure, and large typographic headline elements.

This emphasis in type and grid layout in design was necessary because of the lack of photography this subject matter provides. Because there is no such thing as big and beautiful surgical photography, the design had to rely on layout and type to be engaging to the user and yet simple enough to understand and navigate.

In the end, the client is incredibly pleased with the results. The new site defines the new brand, and establishes the company with credibility in a competitive space. Be sure to check it out at OperationBilling.com!

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