Relevance is a Capital Management company with a target market comprised primarily of baby boomers looking to the future and preparing for retirement.

Relevance wanted to update their brand, knowing that even if retirement is the inevitable goal, their target market would not be drawn to a dated brand. This rebranding process lead us to create a timeless but modern overall brand look and feel that utilizes navy, gold, and wood textures.

We defined the brand verbally with key phrases such as “quiet confidence” and “warm visual presence” and the final logo is a word mark that pairs a delicate, vertical typeface with a squared and angled sub text.

The subtext grounds the main word as it reaches tall, aiming high as the company and it’s clients also do in the realm of capital management. The four squares also help to ground the mark, but an increase in opacity from left to right shows the growth of not only a client’s life but also their overall wealth throughout their partnership with Relevance Capital Management.

After rebranding, we took this foundation into the web design.

Relevance wanted a sleek, modern, intuitive experience that would feel both forward-thinking and familiar to their target market. They also wanted to better highlight their core philosophy as a company.

To achieve the former goal, we designed custom pages centered on their key offerings: investments, tax efficiency, and strategic planning. The structure of these pages is evocative of a print news pieces to capture that familiar feel for their audience.

The homepage header video was conceived as an emotional appeal to their core audience, as well as a way to add movement and life to the front page of the site.

The goal was to visually represent the clientele that Relevance believes they serve and connect to best–individuals nearing or at retirement age, who have unmatched life experience and have witnessed firsthand some of the most impactful historic moments in the last century, and who have no interest in treating retirement as a time to slow down.

This video speaks directly to active boomers who have lived exciting lives, and have more adventures on the horizon.




As far as philosophy, Relevance embraces a four-part system that they have named: The Relevance Filter, The Mutual Mindset, Talent Not the Tool, and Find Your Horizon.

On their former site, they struggled trying to articulate the thinking behind each of these in text only, but their Founder Jimmy Rench spoke so eloquently, engagingly and clearly about them, so we encouraged them to capture Jimmy in four short videos talking about the company philosophy and feature those videos on the homepage.

Relevance is thrilled with their new web presence and feels strongly that the brand, site design, and functionality will serve them and their clients well. Check out their new site at!

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Lindsay Massie
Content Strategist/Copywriter

Lindsay Massie is our Content Strategist/Copywriter. She has almost 10 years of experience in marketing communications, technical writing, information architecture and client services. Lindsay is driven to tell compelling stories, born out of real relationships with the businesses we serve, that help our customers achieve their goals. Lindsay is a native Texas but spent much of her 20s in Illinois working on her graduate degree. She has a Masters in Rhetoric and Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing, both from Northern Illinois University. In her “free time,” Lindsay is Mommy to June and Sullivan and wife to Ryan, by far her favorite roles ever.