Like all of the clients we serve, Tango came to us with a problem. Their business model was changing and they wanted this change reflected in a new website and in fresh marketing strategies.


The pain points at the outset were clear:

For the uninitiated site visitor, it was very difficult to understand what Tango does (they are a total software solution for restaurant and retail store lifecycle management, but that message was buried).

Their current site was non-descript and was not helping them stand out in an industry focused on big data and working more efficiently in a digital world.They needed assistance with information architecture and clarity of messaging beyond their core purpose statement. They were moving away from providing consulting services for non-Tango software implementations, but had a separate site dedicated to this type of support. They wanted some of that content integrated with the main value propositions related to their own analytics platform.

Our first priority was working closely with the client to refocus their core message and value proposition. Now it is clear immediately upon site load who Tango is and what they offer: strategic store lifecycle management built around predictive analytics. They are a total solution for their customers, with the fastest time to market and lowest total cost of ownership in their industry. The user can navigate easily to their Products and Services and each is detailed in a slide-out panel that allows for efficient browsing through their offerings.




Our designer brought in elements throughout the new site that would present Tango as a visual trendsetter next to their competitors and affirm their reputation as innovators. The globe on the homepage displays all of Tango’s customers worldwide in a visually dynamic way that goes beyond numbers. When graphs are employed, they animate to draw more focus to the data represented.

In approaching the redesign of the Tango Analytics site, our designer sought to refine and modernize the aesthetic. He started with choosing a modern more elegant sans serif typeface and, refined the logo subtly.

The overall design language drew from Swiss design principles, with a focus on clarity of elements. From the images, to the layout of type & icons, everything is thoughtfully utilized and all serve a purpose. The goal was reduction, and in doing so it allowed the message to be presented more clearly. Another key design element in the design was browser-generated design visuals. Specifically on the homepage header, the charts, and the universal footer. These serve to reference the dat-driven, tech-focused nature of the company.

In the end, we created a web experience that artfully replicated the technological savvy that Tango offers their clients. By enhancing user experience, and creating interaction opportunities, the new Tango website is primed to operate as a great lead-generating sales tool. Compared to other sites in the industry, it sets Tango apart as a leader; a point which is firmly proven by the execution of the Tango Analytics team.Through purposeful innovation, and open collaboration between Steadfast and Tango, we created a truly great product that both teams are proud of.

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Lindsay Massie
Content Strategist/Copywriter

Lindsay Massie is our Content Strategist/Copywriter. She has almost 10 years of experience in marketing communications, technical writing, information architecture and client services. Lindsay is driven to tell compelling stories, born out of real relationships with the businesses we serve, that help our customers achieve their goals. Lindsay is a native Texas but spent much of her 20s in Illinois working on her graduate degree. She has a Masters in Rhetoric and Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing, both from Northern Illinois University. In her “free time,” Lindsay is Mommy to June and Sullivan and wife to Ryan, by far her favorite roles ever.