Steadfast is proud to announce the launch of the new!

Viverae is a corporate wellness company that specializes in creating intuitive, comprehensive wellness solutions for businesses ranging from smaller start-ups to massive multinational organizations. They do inspired work, helping many thousands of people be healthier than they’ve ever been, all the while working to lower healthcare claims costs for their clients.




It always feels good partner with businesses who are making a difference, and that’s exactly the case with

The site itself features plenty of information about corporate wellness programs, showing off Viverae itself as the ultimate transparent case study. The site also features numerous other case studies, a breakdown of Viverae’s services, a blog, plenty of video of the stellar Viverae offices, corporate bios, and an up-to-date list of the great press Viverae has gotten.

Check out the site at, and give them a call when you’re ready to take your business’ health & wellness to the next level. They value wellness, do you?

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