When you’re looking for a creative marketing agency, you might look at the people working for them to see their breadth of experience.  You would also check and their past work, to gauge the agency’s talent and ability to deliver for you what you need and their process. Essentially, what you’re looking for are two things initially: Knowledge and Passion.

Knowledge is easy to gauge: Does the agency you’re looking at know about the current best practices of web? Do they follow the latest trends in branding, design and development? Do their sites look modern and function responsively?

Passion is another marker that can be easily measured: Does the agency talk enthusiastically about their work? Are they proud of the sites they put out? Are they proud of their employees and what they’ve accomplished?

The problem is, there’s one measurement missing; one that makes judging an agency a bit more than just a glance of their work, something that makes their work stand up like a triangle: Process.

Why Process Matters

Process might seem like a vague, esoteric thing someone would be seeking from a creative agency, when in truth, without process, all the knowledge and passion in the world can’t guarantee you the best product from your agency of choice.

It was many years ago that I was watching a show called “Undercover Boss”. You may have heard of this program, where the owner of a large organization goes in disguise to see how the day to day operations of his business runs.

One company I distinctly remember is a hotel group called Diamond. This hotel group struck me specifically because the cleaning staff leaves tiny card tents underneath the bed after cleaning a room that says “Yes, we clean under here too”. Why am I bringing this up when talking about choosing an agency based on process?

Because, much like checking to make sure under the bed is clean, there’s lots of unseen parts of an agency’s steps to success that that they are best utilizing skills, passion, and knowledge to your project.

The Steadfast Process

We have processes for almost everything at the agency. Daily operations, SEO work, new team member on-boarding, new client on-boarding, branding, web design and the list goes on.

Process is the key to scale and growth. 

One of our process, we is what we call a ‘Launch Report’ for our client site launches.  The Launch report details how long the process takes, any difficulties that might have arisen from the site’s launch(to act as notes to improve the process for latter launches), and site speed scores from the top three web page speed tools online.

It’s been our goal to ensure any site we launch scores at least an 85%, preferably a 90% or higher on every site we launch. This ensures we’ve done everything possible to ensure a client has an optimized, fast site delivered to them. The creation and sending of this report is also the last step of a 22-steps of launching our clients’ sites.

Why is our Launch Process a 19-step process?

To most Developers, launching a WordPress Site should be a 4-steps at most. The developer is responsible for items such as enabling robots.txt for crawling and ensuring keywords are set up.

When you talk to an agency, make sure to ask them about their process. Is there ultimately someone responsible for ensuring every requirement is fulfilled? Because, any agency can launch a website, even a pretty-looking website.

It takes an award-winning agency to launch a site with the process and care to ensure your site is well-crawled, well-developed, and optimized for the best web experience.

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