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Google Went Mobile

Dubbed “mobilegeddon,” Google officially added mobile friendliness to its list of ranking factors as of April 21. Now, Google’s algorithm weighs a site’s mobile responsiveness heavily when determining rankings.

The update left many website owners scrambling to get their sites mobile, but so far, most webmasters are reporting minimal impact on their sites’ performances. It seems it may take longer than expected for Google to fully roll out the changes.

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Pinterest Has Launched a Marketing Partners Program

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s Marketing Partners program, released and February, Pinterest has now jumped on the bandwagon and launched a Developer Partners program. The program will match businesses with marketing companies and allow them to better utilize the Pinterest platform for marketing.

Only a handful of business partners are included in the program for now. Some of these include Buffer, Spredfast, Sprinklr, Shoutlet, Newscred and more.
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AdWords Adds Marketing Objectives to Interface

Google AdWords has now changed its Display Network interface to include “marketing objectives” for every campaign. Users can choose to “build awareness,” “influence consideration” or “drive action” through their ads, and the AdWords platform will guide them through building their campaign. The goal of this change is to decrease wasted ad dollars, improve targeting and boost ROIs for users.

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BuzzFeed Announces “POUND”

BuzzFeed execs announced a new metrics technology called POUND, which allows marketers to track how a post spreads on social media. It includes downstream visits, one-to-one sharing and even stats from things like G-chat and email. POUND essentially makes online word of mouth marketing measurable, and this could mean big things for online marketers down the line.

Currently, POUND is in the process of accepting beta partners. A custom dashboard for the tech will be released later this year for the site’s video advertisers.
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Sam’s Club Joins the Digital Marketing Game

Though 30-packs of Cap’n Crunch and gallon tubs of Cheetos were the only thing you could find at Sam’s Club? Well, think again. Sam’s Club has now begun offering services for small business owners. The biggest service it will offer is healthcare, payroll and legal planning, but in partnership with, the retailer will also offer website design, digital marketing, social media management and more.


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