No matter what type of business you operate, content needs to be a huge part of your digital marketing strategy. Not only do you need top-notch, persuasive website copy, but you also need informative blog posts, up-to-date social media content, personalized email campaigns, and powerful landing pages that sell your services and draw in new leads.

Unfortunately, not every business lends itself to a lot of content. More dry industries, like finance or construction, for example, might not have as much to share as say, an advertising agency or a web design firm.

But you can’t let that stop you.

Just because you might not have an interesting industry or one where a lot is changing or happening, that doesn’t mean there’s not still content to share and create. You just need to get a little more creative with it.

Is your industry a less-than-exciting one? Do you provide content or digital marketing services for boring companies or clients? Then try using these tips to spice up your work and keep quality content flowing:

Watch your competitors

Keep a close eye on competitors within your industry. Get on their blog notification lists, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Pay attention to what they’re posting and how customers are reacting. Then, use that content to fuel your own strategy – use it as a jumping off point, take a different angle, or fill gaps that their content just isn’t addressing.
Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story, so use your content to tell one. Make your content relatable and about real-world people just like your customers. Talk about how you were affected by a piece of industry news, or how a change in regulations or laws impacted a local community. Tug at their heartstrings, and make them want to keep reading more.

Get involved

Stay plugged into your industry. Go to conventions, get on forums and sign up for local professional organizations and groups. You want to be in the know about your sector, so you can share up-to-date, current information with your customers at every turn.

Include multimedia

Whenever you’ve got content that’s a little lacking or sparse, up the ante with some multimedia. Add in a video or GIF, throw in an infographic, or integrate audio in a unique way. Customers will love the unique take you provide, and the multimedia will make it even more shareable than ever.

Work in current trends or pop culture

One of the best ways to draw more attention to your content – or any of your digital marketing efforts – is to use current trends and pop culture as your jumping off point. See a certain celebrity’s name trending on Twitter? Find a way to work them into your content. Is there a news story all over your Facebook feed? Think of how that story relates to your industry, and create a blog around it. Chances are, you’ll get a lot more eyes on your content because of it.

Present the information in a new way

If your content is getting a little drab, try presenting it in a new way. Create a slide show, host a video seminar or offer explainer videos on your website. Draw a cartoon strip, use GIFs, or just find a new way to convey your information and capture customers’ attention.

Be controversial

Take a stand on an issue, or present a controversial topic and state your case. You might lose some fans in the process, but more than likely, you’ll make up for it in brand exposure, new leads and more traffic. It’s a risk, but if you’re in a safe and boring industry, it might be one that’s worth a try.

No matter how boring your business is, content can still be a powerful and viable part of your digital marketing strategy. To learn more or to get help in your own marketing efforts, contact Steadfast Creative today. Our experts are here to help.

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Brad Parnell
Founder & CEO

Brad is the Founder & CEO of Steadfast Creative, leading the team in exploring new ways to solve creative problems and bringing direction and vision for the company. His passion is building relationships, providing solutions and empowering his team to send new ideas out into the world. With over 10 years of agency experience serving local and national brands, he is focused on results for his clients and team. Outside of  work, Brad serves on the board of directors at his local Chamber of Commerce and loves giving back to the community and spending time with his wife and kids.