With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re now in full holiday swing. There’s just one month left of the busiest shopping season of the year, and retailers everywhere are rolling out sales, launching aggressive ad campaigns and rushing to up their sales numbers before year-end.

If you’re one of these busy retailers, looking to increase sales and bring in those holiday shoppers, then it might be time to consider a few search engine optimization tactics. When it comes to increasing web traffic, conversions and online sales, SEO is one of your most powerful tools. Use it right, and you could have booming revenues this quarter; use it wrong, and you could be in the red come January.

Want to up your seasonal sales and increase holiday shopping at your store? Then try a few of these strategies:

Holiday PPC ads

You might run a general PPC campaign for your products and services, but consider starting a holiday-themed one, too. Terms like “holiday sales,” “Christmas shopping” and “Christmas gifts” all see big spikes in December, and by capitalizing on these, you can make sure your products are visible for ready-to-buy customers.

Create a gift section

Create a new menu item or product category on your site specifically for gifts. Make sure the word “gift” is in the URL, and add some text to the page to give it some search engine weight. If you have the time, working in phrases like “great Christmas gift” or “perfect stocking stuffer” into your product descriptions can help immensely, too. You can even create an online gift guide that highlights your best products, why they’re great gifts, and the sales you’re offering on them.

Update your title tags

If you’re running holiday promos, then make sure you’re altering your title and meta tags to reflect those. If you sell crosstrainers, for example, instead of just “Nike Crosstrainers” for the title, you’d want something like “Nike Crosstrainers, 20% of through Jan. 1” or something to that effect. Even if it’s just free shipping, sometimes highlighting specials like these in your search engine listings can make a big different in sales.

Work that email list

If you’ve been on top of your search engine optimization efforts over the last year, you’ve probably built up quite the email subscriber list. Now’s the time to whip that list back out, and get in touch with customers who have bought from you in the past. Send out reminders about sales and specials you’re running, or even give them discounts and coupon codes just for shopping with you again. You’d be surprised at the response you’ll get.

Get blogging

Blogging is an integral part of any SEO campaign, so you should be doing this anyway. This season though, start offering up more holiday-themed posts. Things like “Top 10 Gifts for Kids,” “8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas” and “Trends in XX for 2015” can all be great ways to up interest in your products and inspire sales.

Create landing pages

When it comes to search engine optimization, landing pages are one of the most powerful tactics you can use. I mentioned creating a gift section above – that’s a landing page. You can also create landing pages for other seasonal categories, like winter coats, stocking stuffers, toys for kids, holiday specials, and more.

Want to be absolutely sure you’re doing all you can to up those holiday sales? Contact Steadfast Creative today. Our search engine optimization experts can ensure your site is a bona fide success this season.

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