If you’re looking to gain more leads from your website, then landing pages are the way to do it. Unlike most of your site’s pages, landing pages aren’t full of generalized copy that aims to please everyone. Instead, these are dedicated pages specifically aimed at one type of target customer. They hit all their pain points, outline how the product or service can improve their lives, and have content and imagery designed just for them and their needs.

In short, it speaks to them.

Unfortunately, just having landing pages on your website isn’t enough nowadays. Web users are becoming savvier, and they know when you’re trying to give them the hard sell. Now, if you want your landing pages to work – to produce real, qualified leads for your business – you have to put even more time and effort into developing.

Do you having landing pages on your site? Are they delivering the results you want? If not, here are a few items that can instantly improve their performance:

Images & graphics

Like I said, web users are savvy. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. If they go to a page, and they don’t automatically see what they came there looking for, they’re going to head elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when you serve up a landing page full of plain text and copy. They look at it, check out the headline, get bored and leave. If you really want users to stop and look at what you have to offer – to really understand it – you need to break up that copy with great images and graphics.
As a copywriter, I obviously love words. But as much as I love them, I also know they can’t do it on their own – especially on the web. In a digital environment, where users are in a hurry to get in and get out, words are infinitely stronger, more effective and more powerful when they have great, impactful images alongside them. And the same rings true on landing pages. Images not only add more information to the page and make it more visually interesting, they also break up the copy, making it easier to digest and understand.


Customers love to see proof that others have been in their same position – with the same problems, needs and goals as them. They also like to learn how those other people overcame those problems, met those needs and achieved those goals.
A landing page is the perfect place to do that.
Every landing page should incorporate some kind of proof – proof that your product or service does what it says it does or has some powerful impact in customers’ lives. Maybe it’s a video of a past customer using your product, maybe it’s a few real-life testimonials, or maybe it’s an infographic of stats. Whatever it is, it needs to give the customer hard proof that your product is the one for them.

A unique selling proposition

A unique selling proposition, or USP, is crucial to any successful landing page. Not only does that page need to be aimed at a specific type of customer and their unique problems, it also needs to succinctly and obviously show why your product or service is different from other solutions on the market. It needs to position your company’s solution over the others, and outline exactly what makes yours so much better.
Each element of your landing page should drive home this USP. It should be illustrated in your graphics and imagery, it should be called out in bullet points, and it should be mentioned in your testimonials, headlines and other areas. When combined, these will show a customer exactly why your company is the best choice for them.

A simple form with value

Finally, your landing page should close with a simple, concise form that delivers something valuable to the user. Just asking them to fill out a form and contact you for more information isn’t enough. If you want that customer on the hook, you need to give to get. You need to provide real, true value in exchange for their name, email address, or other data.

An ebook, white paper, video series or just a simple PDF download are all great options. But be sure it relates directly to your USP, as well as the customer’s personal needs, problems and goals. Show them you value the time they spent on your page, and reward them with something they can really use. The more useful it is to them, the more of an authority they’ll consider your brand. And next time they have a need you can help with, you can be sure they’ll come knocking at the door.

Well, there you have it: 4 easy ways to improve your landing pages instantly. Once you’ve tackled your landing pages, it’s time to look at your website as a whole. If it’s not getting the traffic you want or delivering the sales and revenues your business needs, it’s probably time for a change. Download our free ebook “25 Website Must Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales” and see how you could make a difference in your online presence.

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