Just because you hire a web design company to create your new site doesn’t let you off the hook. You can’t just sit back, put your feet up and expect a great website to come to fruition.
The truth is if you want your new website design to look the way you want, you need to put in a little work, too.

Now I don’t mean you have to start drawing up designs, coding forms or dealing with hosting. I simply mean that you need to be a strategic partner for your web design company. You need to be there to answer questions, provide information, and give guidance when necessary.
Only then can the site get done quickly and to your liking.

Working with Your Web Design Company

Have you recently hired a design firm to handle your site re-vamp? Are you considering hiring one in the near future? Then look over these tips. They’ll help you speed up the design process, improve your working relationship with your designers and, overall, produce a better looking, more powerful website on the whole.

Know what you want.

Have an idea of what you’re looking for. Your designers will help you hone in on an exact look and feel, but come ready with your company’s goals, needs and desires for the site. This will help your design team better tailor the site to your brand.
If you’re not sure what you want just yet, get an idea of what you don’t want. Often, this is just as important to a web designer as what you do like.

Respond quickly.

During the design process, your web design agency is going to have a few questions. It may be requesting feedback on logos or colors, it may be asking about the pages and layout, or it may just be getting your opinion on two different design options. Regardless of how big or small the question is, though, you need to answer fast.
Your web design team is asking you these questions because they’re stumped. They need your input before they can move forward. If you delay responding, you’re delaying their work and the entire site in general. That means it will be even longer before your website can launch to the public.

Answer completely.

When you’re answering questions or giving guidance to your web team, be as detailed as possible. Tell them what you like, what you don’t like, and why you feel that way.
Short, abbreviated answers get you nowhere. If you want the project to turn out to your liking, you need to be as detailed and comprehensive as possible – every time.

Show examples.

When talking to them about your likes and dislikes, answering a question or just providing feedback on your site, be sure to show examples. While explaining it can help a little, actual visual representations can go a whole lot further.
Take a few minutes to find other sites on the web that behave the way you want, and send them along. Take screenshots of the parts you like or don’t like, and send images that showcase the look and feel you’re going for. This will give your design team a direction to go in.

Have some content ready.

At our web design firm, we find that many projects get stalled in the content phase. Clients fail to provide content in a timely fashion, so staging sites are left up for weeks or even months before they can go live.

If you’re opting to handle your own content, then start to work on it as soon as the project begins. It usually takes longer than you think, and you want to have that copy ready to go as soon as your staging site is up and approved.

Another good option is to use your design agency’s in-house copywriter. Just be sure to answer their questions and provide them guidance to help speed the process along.

Make time.

This is the most important thing you can do when working with a web design firm. From the very beginning, carve out a few hours each week to dedicate to the design process. This may include meeting with your designers, checking in with your project manager, pulling together content, reviewing comps, wireframes or staging sites, or just simply paying an invoice.
Allotting this time will help you get the final product you’re looking for in the timeframe you want it – no delays, no surprises.

Hiring a Web Design Company

Are you looking to hire a web design company? If so, contact Steadfast Creative to schedule a free consultation today. Be sure to download our free painless re-design guide, too, as it will help you on your journey.

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