When looking at different vectors to market towards your customer-base, you may ask yourself “What does email offer over social media?”. Well, first of all, you should be asking us instead of talking to yourself. Secondly, plenty!

When looking at why to use email as your campaigning vector, you should look at the total size of your audience. There are 2.9 BILLION active email users, nearly three times the number of active Twitter and Facebook users COMBINED. And, even when counting Facebook and Twitter, social media only accounts for 0.2% of all emails sent per day (not counting unsolicited messages).
Also, think to yourself; how many times have you flipped over your phone and checked your email in the past hour? You might think it’s not too often, but recent studies have shown that on average, someone checks their email every 6 minutes. While on Facebook or Twitter, someone is more likely to check their feed or wall once every 3 hours. And then there is the Return on Investment factor, where email handily beats facebook advertising in exposure, cost, and effectiveness by a factor of 10!

Faster, smarter, cheaper; can it be possible? Of course, but only with the right tools. Steadfast Creative has Pigeon Polly, our enterprise-level email campaign platform with an easy to use campaign creation system and some of the best reporting in the business. Steadfast Creative also has me; an email marketing guru with over 6 years in the industry, with past work done for some of the top 4-star hotels in the world and Fortune 500 companies like GameStop.

And with my experience and Steadfast’s tools, we are sure to get you the best campaigns possible.

Author Info

Brad Parnell
Founder & CEO

Brad is the Founder & CEO of Steadfast Creative, leading the team in exploring new ways to solve creative problems and bringing direction and vision for the company. His passion is building relationships, providing solutions and empowering his team to send new ideas out into the world. With over 10 years of agency experience serving local and national brands, he is focused on results for his clients and team. Outside of  work, Brad serves on the board of directors at his local Chamber of Commerce and loves giving back to the community and spending time with his wife and kids.