Unlike the old days of cold calling and door-to-door salesmen, digital marketing is far less pushy – or at least it should be.
With digital marketing, you’re not shouting promotions and sales from the rooftops or delivering a lengthy speech about the benefits of your products. Instead, you’re interacting with your potential customers as people, and you’re relating to them on a real, authentic and familiar level.

This inspires brand loyalty, and it’s what turns regular old, one-time customers into true ambassadors for your company – ones who will refer you to their friends and come back time and time again for more business.

Are you doing all you can to connect with your fans and leverage their investment in your brand? If not, it’s time to rethink your digital marketing plan. After all, leveraging your fanbase is one of the only truly free marketing tactics left – and you can’t afford to pass that up, can you?
Here are some tips to help you start leveraging your fans more successfully:
Always, always reply – When customers take time out of their day to interact with your brand, you should extend them the same courtesy. This shows them that you care about their thoughts and opinions, and that you’re dedicated to serving their needs. Plus, the more you interact with them, the more connected they’ll feel to your brand, and the more likely they’ll mention you to a friend later on.

Choose content that’s interesting, useful and shareable – The best way to get your fans to share your brand with their network is through great content – content that’s interesting, funny, relatable or just particularly useful for your demographic. You want to always be posting updates that resonate with your customers, making them think “Hmm… I bet Bob could use this information, too.” Then, they’ll share it, and your company will enjoy the extra exposure.
Mention your customers by name – Whenever possible, use the @ symbol to call out fans by name. Thank them for their comments, reply to their questions, tag them in photos – whatever you can do to make them feel connected and a part of your brand. An added bonus? When you tag fans on Facebook, their friends and family can see the update, too, and that means more exposure for your and your brand in the long run.

Use their content – If a fan posts a photo to your page, shares their experience with your products, or just sends an anecdote, story or funny cartoon, use that content to fuel your own marketing efforts. Retweet it on Twitter. Share it on Facebook. Show your fans that you’re interested in what THEY’RE interested in, and help your fans better connect with each other.
Listen – Finally, don’t just post and post and post. Take time to listen to your fans, too. More often than not, they’ll tell you what they think: the things they like, they things they find funny and the things they just don’t resonate with. The more you listen, you better you can hone in on your efforts and spearhead a truly effective marketing campaign.
If you’re not doing all you can to leverage and connect with your fans, then it’s time to get help. Our digital marketing experts can help you improve your online efforts and see more viable results in the long run. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.

Author Info

Brad Parnell
Founder & CEO

Brad is the Founder & CEO of Steadfast Creative, leading the team in exploring new ways to solve creative problems and bringing direction and vision for the company. His passion is building relationships, providing solutions and empowering his team to send new ideas out into the world. With over 10 years of agency experience serving local and national brands, he is focused on results for his clients and team. Outside of  work, Brad serves on the board of directors at his local Chamber of Commerce and loves giving back to the community and spending time with his wife and kids.