The most commonly asked question we get is, what does it cost for a brand identity system, website overhaul, simple business website etc. Let us help you here.

We treat every project uniquely, but here are some general ballpark  costs for our most common project types.

Strategy Sessions:

+ Half  Day  $2,500 / Full Day $5,000

+ Discovery: Identifying vision, belief, values, tone, top concerns and objections.

+ Buyer Personas: Identifying top buyer personas, their digital journey, and critical influences.

+ Journey Mapping: Map top discovery paths of site visitors through the 3-5 main obstacles.

+ Brand Positioning: Identifying your current and desired brand positioning alongside competitors.

+ Presentation and Recommendations: Our team delivers a detailed deck with our findings along with recommendations to accomplish goals.


Branding Projects: $5k – $30k

What impacts cost?

+ Process. Are you looking for a quick visual update or a new brand that is going to impact a culture? The latter involves stake holder meetings, competitive research, brand positioning strategy, etc.

+ Deliverables. We can do very simple single page style guides with a bunch of logo files, or we’ve done large brand books with a full brand identity system comprises of multiple brand guidelines and usages.


Website Projects: $10k – $50k+

What impacts cost?

+ Level of strategy and involvement to complete the goal

+ Number of custom page templates

+ Content (Do you need photography, videos and copywriting?)

+ Functionality (eCommerce, Marketing Site, SalesForce integration, etc.)

+ Custom development vs. existing framework implementation

+ Timeline – how soon do you need it?


Hope that helps! We are objective based and project based, so don’t let these numbers scare you. Reach out to us so we can discuss your goals and project details.