There is a way to track true ROI in digital marketing!

Other than showing the amount of posts published, blogs written, keywords tracked and other marketing activity, is there REALLY a way to see how that moves the sales needle? How do all those activities effect the bottom line? Or are we just paying for marketing activity and following best practice methodologies in hopes that we’re planing the right seeds that will EVENTUALLY pay off?

With a great CRM with attribution, you CAN see real numbers. So what do we look for?

  • Traffic (Organic Search, Paid, Call Tracking, etc.)
  • Conversions to a Lead (Form Fill or Phone call)
  • Sales Numbers (Actual Sales Numbers)

In the screenshot below, you’ll see an example client account with an average of 20 contacts/month coming through the channels of Google Search, Direct Traffic, Bing Search, etc. Over the course of the year that have been 103 unique leads generated.

This gives a great comprehensive look to see most of these leads are coming through organic Google Search.

Digital Marketing ROI


Another view below shows specifically the percentage of Google Search Leads compared to the other active campaigns. So as a business owner, you know the investment into strong organic SEO is paying off. Based on the product or service it’s going to vary between social, organic, and paid being your traffic leaders.



Where’s the ROI?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s where the fun begins and the payoff of using a sales CRM starts to show true value. With this chart example below, we’re seeing a full breakdown of all the active campaigns and we can see that Google Search generated 38 leads, $33,000 in revenue with a projected revenue of $3,666 per lead that comes in from organic search. 

Whenever Adwords is incorporated and you get more granular in the accounts, you can compile total costs for each campaigns to see your TRUE ROI.


Read the full article and see how to get this tool for your organization here.

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