Sure, you’ve heard of optimizing your website for search – adding in keywords, changing up your Meta tags, and incorporating images and links to improve your rankings. But did you know you can use many of those same tactics on your social media accounts, too?

Search engine optimization efforts are actually highly effective within social media. Why? Because Google, Bing and other search engines recognize that social media mentions are typically more authentic – less marketing/sales centric – than other areas you might show up on the web. Therefore, they give them more weight.

Are your social accounts doing all they can to improve your brand’s visibility? Is your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ page helping you get to the top of page 1? If not, here are some social search engine optimization tips that can help:

Fill out your profile completely

Fill out every section of those profiles – the “about” area, the web address, the hours, the payments you accept, etc. – and be as descriptive as possible while doing so. If you can do it seamlessly, try working in a few of your website’s broader keywords into those descriptive areas, and always make sure to have your address, city, state and zip code, as these will improve your local results.

Optimize your updates

When updating one of your accounts, always include at least one or two relevant keywords or phrases in it. If you’re including an image, be sure to give your image a title (one that includes your keyword) before you upload it. These steps will both give you an SEO boost.

Focus on shareability

The more your social updates are shared, the more links are created. And the more links that are created, the better your site does in search engine rankings. Always make an effort to make your social content as shareable as possible. Post content that’s interesting and useful to your readers, and encourage them to pass it on to their friends and social circles, too.>

Don’t forget your Google+ page

Google+ isn’t as popular as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram, but it does have one thing going for it: it’s owned by Google. Naturally, Google is going to give more weight to brands that are active on its network. So do yourself a favor, and spend just a few minutes a day updating that page. Share an interesting link, post your most recent blog or just update your fans with company news. Every little bit helps.

Customize your URL

Whenever possible, always customize your social URLs. You want it to include at least one of three things: your company name, your location or a major keyword you’re shooting for. You could also combine the three, if you want to get really creative (think

Be original

Never just copy and paste another site’s content onto your social pages. Google and other search engines actually penalize duplicate content, and that sure as heck counts! When in doubt, simply re-word a phrase and change up the language a bit. You’ll fare much better in the long run if you do!
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Brad Parnell
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