If you’re trying to build an audience through use of social media, chances are you’ll need a little more than just a catchy keyword or hashtag. Although it is important to consider the value of these methods, there is another approach that many businesses have yet to discover. Believe it or not, almost half of all adult internet users have posted original video content that they themselves have created. Whether it is professionally crafted or just a 7 second clip to make people laugh, it’s clear that there is a large market of people both creating and watching social videos.

With so many people getting involved with online videos, it’s time for your business to find a way to incorporate them into its social media strategy. Where do you begin? Well, thankfully we have this helpful info-graphic, provided by SmartVirtualPhoneNumber.com , which explains the usefulness of the top video websites in the world.

This social video starter guide includes information about sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine and even Google Hangouts. Whether you’d prefer to directly reach out to your audience through a live video chat or you want to make something of high quality, this guide should help you to understand the most important differences between each service and what they offer.
What are you waiting for? Start planning out your social video revolution today!

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