Last week, the Steadfast crew had the opportunity to travel to TCU to interview design students who are about to graduate or are seeking summer internships.

As Steadfast is currently seeking a summer intern, this was a fantastic event to attend and meet the students who would be possible candidates. Our Designers, Content Strategist, and Director of Operations were all able to attend, allowing Steadfast to provide a wide range of insight and feedback to the students we interviewed.




The event went on for a few hours, throughout which each student was given 15 minutes to sit with us, present their portfolio, and ask and answer questions.

Most students were familiar with Steadfast and came prepared with questions about the shop, but the best part of the interviews was seeing the work they have spent so many painstaking hours on. It was great to hear students talk about research and concepting, and then actually see it reflected in their work.

The best projects were those that had been fully explored, from branding through packaging implementation, and advertising. These particular projects allowed us to see how a student’s thought process really developed throughout the life of their project.

It was great to see that some students had actually worked with a client on some projects, as it is easy to design within a bubble but the real world provides opposition when the client is actually providing feedback. It is one thing to say ‘I designed this with my target audience in mind’ and another to be able to say that not only was it designed for a target audience, but that you also had to please a client and incorporate their desires.

It was interesting to hear students talk about how they would have done things differently, but that they were happy with the final product and that their client pushed them to a solution they wouldn’t have come up with without that opposition.

Overall the experience was a great overview of the students in the TCU program and really got the Steadfast team excited about our upcoming summer internship.

The Steadfast summer internship will begin in May, and we will be interviewing students in the next two weeks.

Applicants should be of Junior or Senior level and looking to learn more about digital and web design. As a full service agency, our intern will also touch various projects for our ongoing and retainer clients, including print materials, packaging, and advertising/marketing material, but the main project for the summer will be a website project.

Our intern will be walked through the design process from initial research and concepting, through UX/UI layout, and final website design. They will meet with our client directly, have status critique with our designers, and meet with our developers to learn how their designs will be brought to life. Interested students should send their portfolio and resume

Congrats to all the TCU students on their hard work, and we look forward to attending more interview events in the future!

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