When it comes to an agency’s health with clients, it can be hard to tell if they’re truly appreciative of the work you do for them, or if they’re just playing nice because it’s the professional thing to do.

This past Friday, we were lucky enough to find out how one of our clients truly feels about our shop when we asked them to help us with an April Fool’s prank.

It started out with the sudden Thursday afternoon epiphany that I hadn’t yet planned an April Fool’s prank, followed by the thought,

“Wouldn’t it be a devilishly good idea if I played a prank on my boss, who also happens to be the man who writes my paychecks, that involved the participation of one of our clients?”

And after an email to our client, BAT Security Systems, one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had was set into motion.




The next morning, our friends at BAT sent Brad a scathing message that highlighted points of unprofessionalism displayed by myself and a coworker during our last meeting, as well as an act of vandalism on my part that was costly for them to fix, and requested that they be reimbursed.

The hour following that message was, for me, a blur of cold sweats & apologetic emails, and a very angry Steadfast CEO.

After explaining how it was all just a prank, Brad got me back by taking me outside and letting me go from the company. And then immediately followed up with an “April Fool’s!” of his own.

Looking back, I learned how terrible of an idea it is to ever put your job in jeopardy, even if it’s on April 1st. But the big picture was made even clearer to me: How cool is it that I’m able to call upon the friendship of our client to aid me in a prank?

If I were anywhere else, I might have worried about maintaining professionalism with the client, or testing the line between a negative prank email and a truly negative email. But those BAT guys, they’re something else. They’re the client that every agency dreams of, the one that loves what we do, and wants to be involved in the relationship between our companies in every way possible; even if it’s just a little bit of fun in between business.

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