When it comes time to choose a web agency to handle your company’s web design, SEO or digital marketing efforts, it’s important to remember these specialties aren’t mutually exclusive.
In fact, if you really want a successful online presence – one that brings in traffic, leads and sales – then you need all three, blended together in a singular, powerful effort for your brand.
SEO, Marketing & Design Rely on Each Other

Years ago, when SEO first became big, most people would do some keyword research, optimize their Meta tags and content, and soon enough, they’d have a successful website on their hands.
But now, search engines are getting more and more intelligent. Their algorithms are designed with the utmost searcher satisfaction in mind, and because of this, SEO on its own is no longer enough.
Today, a successful website takes a combination of great design, smart marketing tactics and, of course, on- and off-page search engine optimization.
To demonstrate my point, let’s look at a few areas of your website that are crucial to a good search engine ranking. Then, let’s look at how SEO, marketing and design play into those.
Mobile Usability
Just recently, Google introduced a “mobile usability” section to its Webmasters tool panel. What does this mean for you? Well, at its simplest, it means that the way your website functions on a mobile device (or tablet) now plays a role in how Google processes and ranks it.
If your site doesn’t function properly in the mobile environment – photos aren’t sized right, fonts are illegible, or navigation is difficult – then your ranking will plummet. If your site looks and acts perfectly fine on alternative devices, then it could actually help your ranking.
Now, your search engine ranking is an SEO issue, right? Well, mobile usability is a design issue. I’d venture to say that most SEO experts would find it difficult to influence your site’s mobile usability, but a web designer? They could do it easily.
Case in point: you need a web agency team that can handle both SEO and design.
URL Structure and Navigation
The URL and navigation structure of your website also play a large role in your site’s search engine ranking. The URLs should contain high-level keywords that pertain to page content, and pages should be categorized and organized in an orderly and easy-to-understand manner.
Remember, search engines just give your site a cursory glance; they crawl your pages in a matter of seconds. If they can’t glean the information they need in that time, well they assume users can’t either, and that means a lower search engine ranking on the whole.
But ensuring your URL structure and navigation are SEO-friendly isn’t just the job of an SEO specialist. While they may have ideas on how to do it, few actually know how to implement those ideas. For that, they need a web designer – someone who can write the code and tweak the CMS so that it falls in line.
It’s yet another area where SEO and design must blend together seamlessly.
Other Areas
SEO, digital marketing and design cross paths in so many areas of the web. In fact, experts now recommend that websites actually be designed – from the ground up – with search optimization in mind. As most designers don’t have the SEO know-how to do this, that’s where a digital marketing or search expert comes in handy.
PPC campaigns, email blasts, blogs and most other online marketing efforts also require design and SEO help, too. They need landing pages configured and optimized, they need sign-up forms and unsubscribe buttons designed, and they need to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your website and online presence. In short, they need a team of experts working on them.
Need Help in SEO, Web Design or Digital Marketing?
If you’re looking for help with your company’s SEO, web design or digital marketing in 2015, then avoid choosing a one-specialty shop. Ensure your site’s ultimate success with a web agency that can do it all. Contact Steadfast Creative today for a free consultation and to learn how we can take your brand to the next level.

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