I find myself on Devour at least once a day now. Whether I am being transported to the top of a mountain to then leap off in a wingsuit, learning about the weight of a shadow, or seeing a brilliant stop motion animation that has taken painstaking hours, I always find myself amazed. I am amazed at the incredible creativity and beauty of people. I am amazed at the world. I am amazed at technology.

The photo that in the header of this post is of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step foot on the moon (the first was Neil Armstrong, the mission commander). The video that came from the Apollo 11 mission to the moon shook the world. Even that image is crazy to think about – someone standing on the surface of the moon. Now we are in a place where video is so abundant that it allows us into every corner of life, in every industry, in places we may not ever be able to travel. We can see what it is really like to walk in someone else’s shoes and understand our neighbors, our friends and even our enemies better.
Rich media is shaping this new internet age. We can see amazing things happen instantly from mobile device uploads or hear the words of a far off nation with the touch of a button (or touch screen). The internet is changing. The world is changing. Books are even changing. I spoke recently with my fiancé and she told me about a new young adult fiction book that had web addresses at the end of some of the chapters which led to videos that tied into the story. It was a creepy book and the rich media made it even more eerie.
[quote_left]”With a focus on high-definition videos, you’ll gaze upon the most stunning moving images the Web has to offer…”
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Now, if I was to tie this back to marketing in any way, I would say this: Use video to your advantage. It doesn’t even need to be video – use still images! Tell your story in more interactive ways, even if that means flipping your iPhone or Android phone around and recording a 30 second vlog. If you have customers that you want to understand you better – tell them! If you have followers that you want to understand your cause better – show them! You have the power literally in your hands, so go make the next featured video and I’ll be there to watch it.

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