What is a bounce rate?

The bounce rate for a page on your website is the rate at which a site visitor lands on a page and leaves before doing anything else. This means that for some reason they have come to your website without clicking through to another page or taking any action.

Google’s support page defines the bounce rate as:
“the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).”
If you are using Google Analytics you can view the bounce rate of your top landing pages, traffic sources and adwords. This is a great way to identify which pages have a high bounce rate and which pages have bounce rate that is low. With this information you can identify the pages that are the most effective at engaging your visitors.
A lower bounce rate is a good sign that your content, design and/or marketing strategy is effectively grabbing your user’s attention.
A high bounce rate is doing the opposite and could be a result of a few common factors:
They landed on the page they intended to and got the information they needed.
You don’t have the information they want.
The design of the landing page needs improvement.
You are not correctly using google analytics.

Change Your Strategy

Once you’ve identified which pages have the highest bounce rate you can compare them to pages that have a low bounce and figure out what you are doing different. There are some questions you should ask:
Is it the content?
If you have a blog you might learn that some of your posts with lower bounce rates are more popular than others. Knowing this you can come up with a content strategy that caters to those users.
Where are the high bounce rates coming from?
With Google Analytics you can track the traffic sources of some of your pages with the higher bounce rates. You might learn that some of your traffic sources are more valuable than others. You should determine where the sources of this traffic came from and try to engage that audience even more.

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