Web design trends come and go.
In 2014, parallax sites hit it big, and full-width pages became the norm. Before that, it was interactive elements, mixed typography and scrolling.
And not too long ago, Flash intros were seen on virtually every site you came across – no matter what the topic or subject matter was.
2015, like the years before it, will be just as different.

2015 Web Design Trends
Will your site fit in with 2015’s top web design trends, or will it be time to renovate, revamp and relaunch it for better results?
Take a look at the top trends you can expect to see in the coming months, and see how your site measures up:
Expansive imagery – Gone are the days of small icons and banner images. Now, large-scale, expansive images are sweeping the web. You’ll see them on home pages, behind text and even in footers.
Background video – In addition to large images as backgrounds, you’ll also start to see more video backgrounds in 2015 as well. Just take a look at our homepage, for example! It gives the visitor a more interactive, richer experience.
Hand-drawn elements – Websites might be digital, but that doesn’t mean their art has to be. Many sites are now incorporating hand-drawn elements for their icons, buttons, imagery and more. These give a site a more creative, artistic feel, and they’re certainly cooler than most cookie-cutter sites you’ll find on the web.
Monochromatic colors – Bright, bold colors might have been a popular sight in years past, but now, we’re back to basics. Monochromatic colors like blacks, whites, greys and reds are all the rage in 2015, and you can expect to see lots more of them in the future.
Fewer header images – Eye-catching header and banner images have been common for the past decade or so, but that’s all changing in 2015. More and more sites are opting for text-only headers, cutting out the imagery completely. This gives a more streamlined, minimalistic look that fits with many brands.
Stowed away menus – On most mobile sites, you’ll see a small button in the upper left or right hand corner. Click it, and you’ll get the site’s full menu. Leave it closed, and you can get a full view of the site’s homepage. In 2015, expect these same menus to make their way onto more traditional sites, too. It helps a site be more responsive, and it delivers a cleaner, more clear design overall.
Large typography – Instead of just using photos and videos to grab users’ attention, websites are now using typography to effectively pique interest and draw in the eyes. You’ll usually see this with small, short sentences and statements on a site’s homepage.
Mobile design – Since Google has announced its intention to consider mobile usability even more heavily in its search rankings, having a site that’s mobile friendly has become more important than ever. Expect responsive and multi-device sites to grow exponentially in 2015.
Not sure if your site falls in line with these upcoming web design trends? Get a free website review below, and we’ll let you know.

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