Twitter launched it’s new live streaming app, Periscope, this past week. It enables anyone with a Twitter account to live stream whatever they want, or view whoever’s live stream they want across the world. From viewing live accounts of violence in the Middle East, to watching someone in Chicago make breakfast, the entire world just got a little more open and a little more accessible.

The obvious uses of this app, on a scale larger than personal, include anyone being able to broadcast live news events as they happen. The burning down of a building New York City was possibly the first piece of domestic breaking news to be broadcast with Periscope as it was happening. No matter how fast news sites can break stories online, or how fast people can start posting about it with words, nothing can beat being able to watch it live from as many perspectives as there are people watching it. In addition to this, something mundane going viral can now be much more instantaneous. Imagine being able to see every ice bucket challenge as they were actually happening. On another personal level, imagine you are graduating college, but your grandparents can’t make the trip. Now, instead of getting text updates or waiting for the video to be emailed to them, they can watch the events live as they are happening from where their family is actually sitting. Now consider this, what if the university was broadcasting it themselves? This is where the new marketing ideas related to Periscope enter in.

We live in a time where interaction between companies and their consumer base is a must. Unless you’re an established stalwart of a company, it has become necessary to be accessible to the general public. The time is long gone wherein the public was totally comfortable with handing millions of dollars to faceless corporations. We are now in the age of accessibility. A consumer may not spend a cent on your company if they don’t understand the culture of your company, if they can’t take a look at what you’re all about. Imagine if Chipotle launched in an era that didn’t care about how transparent their process was. Their fate could be vastly different. In addition to this, a company of 12 people now has the entire internet audience at their disposal.

Say you wanted to filter the Periscope live streams by ‘coffee.’ You’re in Texas, and now you’re watching a guy’s pour-over technique at his coffee shop in Los Angeles. With Periscope, this is happening live and you can interact with him in real time. He responds by offering a few tips, and giving you a promo code to his online shop, where you are now spending money on a site you didn’t know existed 10 minutes ago. More than that, you now have a personal contact within the company. This is what Periscope is offering.

On a larger scale, businesses can offer informational live streams as they are happening. Imagine a consumer recall happening. Instead of waiting for it to hit the evening news cycle, a company can offer an immediate and reactable warning through their Periscope. In this case, it could save lives and foster goodwill and trust between company and client. Additionally, a company can give the world unprecedented access to the goings-on of their business. How cool would it be to sit in on a strategy meeting at Google as it was actually happening?

If you’re a business, you now have a way to interact directly with your consumer base. This includes the potential for live A/B testing. Live trials. If you don’t know how your consumer base would feel about something, you can just ask them. The amount of research that can be done this way is endless. On top of the obvious benefit to the company, it also creates a feeling of trust and openness that consumers now value more than ever.

Businesses can also offer deals to consumers in a way that was impossible before. Using promo codes or exclusive deals that are only available through the temporary Periscope live streams create urgency and mobilize your consumers. They also dramatically spread your reach as a business, and if the deals are good enough, insure that your Periscope account will be frequented. This means that your consumer base is growing, and more people are interacting with your company directly. If used correctly and adeptly, this can translate to huge sales growth and lead generation.

Only time will tell how far-reaching Periscope can be. But if your marketing team can really tackle this new tool in a unique way, your consumer base can grow exponentially. Spreading interesting and valuable content just got faster. Prove yourself as interesting, and the sky’s the limit for what it can do for your business.
To learn more about Periscope, visit their site at and download their app.
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Brad Parnell
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