When it comes to SEO, there are few industries as adamant about it as the legal sector. Lawyers and law firms everywhere are investing wholeheartedly into online marketing, PPC, SEO and other digital tactics to reach potential customers and outshine their opponents … and it’s working.

But why exactly has it caught on so well? And why is law firm SEO so crucial to an attorney’s success? Let’s delve into it now!

The competition demands it.
The biggest and most important reason law firms invest in SEO is because, well, they have to. All their competitors are doing it, and if they want to stay relevant in today’s legal marketplace, they have to invest in it, too.
Without a good SEO campaign in place, a lawyer could easily get ousted from the first few pages of search results, simply because their competition has invested heavily in it. That competitor will start taking over the top spots in Google, and soon enough, they’ll completely dominate the space. Ultimately, this renders the SEO-less lawyer pretty much invisible to all prospective customers.
So, put simply, today’s lawyers don’t have much of a choice. If they want to stay profitable and competitive in the legal marketplace, they absolutely must invest in law firm SEO.

The web is their primary lead generation resource.
When a legal need comes up, few people just have a lawyer on speed dial who they can call for help. Instead, they’re forced to find local lawyers and firms completely online.
Ultimately, this means the web is a veritable breeding ground for legal leads. With just a small investment in SEO, a firm can see their customer base skyrocket.
If a firm shows up just once on the first page of results for a searcher – whether it’s through organic SEO or via paid advertising – there’s a huge shot they’re going to get a call or email from them. It may be simply to get more information, or it could be to schedule a consultation. Either way, it gets the lawyer one step closer to finalizing that deal and locking down a new customer.

It allows them to reach local, nearby customers.
With SEO, you can easily target leads and customers from specific areas. Just add on a geographic term to your keywords, and you’ve got a longtail phrase that’s going to gain you some traction.
This is extremely beneficial when it comes to law firms, as most of their customers are looking for help in their general geographic area. They don’t want to conduct all their meetings and hash out their legal issues on the phone; they want to be able to meet their lawyer in person, see them face-to-face, and begin to build a trusting, honest relationship with them.
Law firm SEO helps attorneys take advantage of this geographic angle. Even simply adding a Google Places page, complete with a local address or zip code, can be enough to help firms rank high for nearby geographic terms and subsequently increase customers in their area.

It gives them credibility.
One big facet of law firm SEO is content building. In order to use crucial keywords, build up URL and link counts, and gain authority with search engines, most SEO experts will recommend that lawyers launch a blog or resource center. This gives them somewhere they can share important information regarding their legal specialty, as well as data that might be of interest to prospective customers.
But this content has other added value, too. On top of helping with search rankings, having this content hub on their website also makes a firm seem more credible – more knowledgeable in their exact area of expertise. Often, this added credibility can often be what turns a simple website visitor into bona fide, paying customer.

It’s Never Too Late to Start
In today’s digital world, SEO is crucial to a law firm’s success. If you’re an attorney, and you haven’t invested in law firm SEO just yet, the time to start is now. It can help you reach real, viable leads in your geographic area, it can help you stay competitive in your marketplace, and it can add credibility to you and your firm. Contact us today for a free consultation, and learn about how we can help your firm succeed online.

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