It’s not enough to just have a website. It’s also not enough to just have a Facebook fan page and a half page ad in the phone book. These are ingredients to disappointment and a loss of investment of your hard earned dollars!

To really win in today’s digital driven social media short attention spanned world, you need to create a solid digital marketing plan. It’s not enough to just have the tools, you need to put them to work for your business so you can start seeing a true return on investment.
Here are some practical steps to get started.

1. Get your website in order
Your website is your store-front in digital marketing. You will win or lose based on your website.
You have a unique story, unique products or services, and you have to have a solid platform for telling that story. Make sure you have a website that conveys your business or product well, the right calls to action are in place, and it reflects positively on who you are and what you do. You can have the greatest marketing plan in the world with all the right targeted people visiting your site, but without the well planned website, you could be losing money by not having clear calls to action and an attractive website.

2. Broadcasting your message
If you’re a business that sells products, you better be on Pinterest. If you’re business that is focused on building relationships, you better be on Facebook and Twitter. Get your social media accounts in order, and update them with relevant value added content. As Gary Vaynerchuk points out in his new book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” you have to be giving away advice and value before you can start to ask your audience for anything in return. Be a giver.
Consistently update your social media accounts, your blog, and sending out relevant value add content through email marketing. (But don’t spam)

3. Search Engine Optimization
Optimize Optimize Optimize. Digital marketing is on-going. You should know who your competition is, what you do better than them, and what keywords you are working to own on search.
By optimizing your website’s content and staying on top of writing relevant content with rich keywords, that will help you gain traction in the SEO game.

4. Repeat and Revise
This is not a set and forget game, you need to spend time every week optimizing your website, updating your social media accounts, and writing relevant keyword rich content. Sound like a lot of work? It is, but if you’re not doing it, someone else in your industry is, and they are winning.
Through analytics, you or your digital marketing partners can tell what’s working and what needs to change. With a winning marketing plan you will see an increase in web traffic, social media conversations, and money into your business.
Of course I’m going to brag on our team at Steadfast and recommend you work with us to craft your digital marketing plan, and we’d love to consult with you if you need help.

I encourage you to take a look at what you’re doing to grow your digital marketing, and figure out how to take it to the next step.

Author Info

Brad Parnell
Founder & CEO

Brad is the Founder & CEO of Steadfast Creative, leading the team in exploring new ways to solve creative problems and bringing direction and vision for the company. His passion is building relationships, providing solutions and empowering his team to send new ideas out into the world. With over 10 years of agency experience serving local and national brands, he is focused on results for his clients and team. Outside of  work, Brad serves on the board of directors at his local Chamber of Commerce and loves giving back to the community and spending time with his wife and kids.